Connecting Passion and Purpose

The Vision of the Norway Dakota Company


Heritage fundraising groups share a similar "passion and purpose": the passion of celebrating and exploring their heritage and the purpose of fundraising to support activities and continue to preserve traditions for generations to come.

The Norway Dakota Company is the culmination of my passion and purpose. Embracing the importance of preserving and sharing the appreciation of all heritage traditions for generations to come. Encouraging and helping young people explore their heritage through song, story, dance, language, athletics, art, costumes and food where fundraising is often a necessity.

With our high-quality collectible pins and novelties with artful designs of flags and fun themes of cultural celebration, The Norway Dakota Company provides a unique and complementary fundraising product line to candles, candy and food products. When implemented into fundraising endeavors, the vision of The Norway Dakota Company supports language, dance and heritage groups with their passion and purpose.


  • 3/11/20 UPDATE: A number of years ago when I began creating each design for 25 different countries, and up until the waves of event cancellations due to COVID-19, the original intention was to release each country first to fundraising groups and each year as a new design is unveiled, the previous design would be released retail to the public. For the time being, all Irish designs will be sold retail and proceeds from the Irish collections will be designated and distributed to the Irish groups.