Virtual Irish Fundraising - HAPPENING NOW - Proceeds to benefit the Irish Dance/Heritage group of your choice!

Ireland flag enamel key chains

Ireland flag enamel key chains

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  • 1.25 inch hard enamel key chain
  • metal key ring


As a thicker and heavier hard enamel key chain, this style is the highest quality enamel material on the market. Featuring a smooth, glassy finish, this key chain looks more like jewelry in overall appearance.

Want your purchase to benefit an Irish Dance/Heritage Group?


Check their social media pages for their FUNDRAISING BADGE CODE. Enter it in the note section of the shopping cart. If they don't have one posted, they might not know yet they can get one for free! Send them a message with our website link:

Find Irish dance schools in the US here:

Find Irish organizations here:


Virtual Fundraising WILL be retro active!! If you find out the group you want to support has a fundraising code after your purchase, you can send us an email, text, or Facebook message with your order number and the badge code and we will be happy to add to their tally!